How to use .wav and .mp3 files in RPG Maker MV

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How to use .wav and .mp3 files in RPG Maker MV Empty How to use .wav and .mp3 files in RPG Maker MV

Post by FallenKidChara on Tue Jul 05, 2016 7:33 pm

So a new thing that you have to do in the latest RPG Maker is that you have to use .m4a and .ogg files for sound effects and music.
First thing to do is, well, make your music. I personally use, an online chiptune sequencer.
Export your music as .wav or .mp3, or if you can, skip the converting and export straight to .ogg or .m4a!
Now open your browser and go to the website [][/url].
Click the button that says "Select Files To Upload", and then locate your file(s) to convert.
Now, under the Output Format, choose the .ogg format.
And then under the Select Quality, choose Normal 128kbits/sec.
Finally, click the button labeled Convert!

Importing your ogg files.
To import your ogg files, load up RPG Maker MV and then click the Resource Manager. (The Resource Manager is a folder with 3 blocks in front of it.)
Now, for Background Music, click "audio/bgm"
After that, select Import, and then locate and import your ogg file.

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