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Post by Este Moon on Tue Jul 05, 2016 10:50 pm

Pokémon Full Moon takes you on an adventure through the Everia region through the eyes of Luna, the character you play as. Meet various friends, collect all 18 Gym Badges, stop Team Lightning from destroying the Everia region, catch legendary Pokémon and became a legendary Champion! This game is suitable for 14+ players due the offensive language used in the game. Meet Chan, the person who takes you on a trip to all places of Everia! Meet Kain & Dinor, Chan's best friends. Meet Prof. Gobline, a professor who actually works with Team Lightning and tons of other characters you get to meet! All Pokémon (7 Gen excluded) are in the game. We're hoping to include 7 Gen as soon as possible! Download the game here.
-The Full Moon Team

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